Polish coast of the Baltic Sea — cruising guide

My book Polskie wybrzeże Bałtyku — przewodnik żeglarski  (which is a crusing guide of the Polish Baltic Coast) was published in Polish language in spring 2018. It was intended as a compendium of knowledge useful in recreational sailing along the Polish Baltic coast, from Świnoujście in the West to Gdańsk in the East, as well as on the Szczecin Lagoon and the Vistula Lagoon. Additional information, including a table of contents, can be found on the publisher’s website, where you can also buy the book, which I of course recommend, in case you can read Polish.

Note: soon (May 2020) a book supplement will be available in the form of a PDF file, in which corrections and additions will be collected, including descriptions of several new marinas.

I also invite you to read (again in Polish, but automatic translations start to work suprisingly well nowadays):

The book received the “Żagle” Monhtly Magazine Leonid Teliga Award for 2018.

Below please find a map of the described marinas.


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