New marking in Górki Zachodnie

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In the fall 2017 the marking of the fairway at the mouth of   Wisła Śmiała was thoroughly changed. This is  the entrance to the marinas in Górki Zachodnie in Gdańsk, with altogether 600 resident boats,  about 5 Nm east of the main entrance to the Gdańsk Harbour.

Red and green buoys  have new positions now, there are more of them, they are all set in pairs, all of them  are lit, and they are bigger than the previously used “sticks”. The Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy provide a chartlet to correct the corresponding chart in the 2017/2018 edition  of the 3022  chart set. See also the plan from my recently published guide book Polskie Wybrzeże Bałtyku .

Note that earlier in 2017 the cardinal buoy GW situated 1 Nm North  of Górki Zachodnie was replaced with a red-white buoy of safe water. The new buoy is set to a slightly changed position  (displacement 170 m to the East).

See below a winter view of Górki Zachodnie (pictures taken on 3 March 2018).



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