Baltic Sea

Vistula Spit Canal – Nowy Świat harbour

The shipping canal connecting the Gulf of Gdańsk with the Vistula Lagoon crosses the Vistula Spit 19 and 12 M east of Górki Zachodnie and the mouth of the Vistula River (Przekop Wisły), respectively, 22 M south-east of Hel, 13 M west of the state border with Russia at the spit, 3 M in a straight line to the east of the port of Kąty Rybackie on the Lagoon and 5 M to the west in a straight line from…

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Wodna stacja paliw w Trzebieży

Fuelling berths at the Polish coast

Fuelling berths at the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, updated for the 2022 season. Ten berths operate: Trzebież, Stepnica, Świnoujście, Szczecin Marina Club , Dziwnów, Kołobrzeg (very  limited days and hours), Łeba, Puck, Gdynia, Gdańsk. Both diesel and gasoline are available in all the listed stations.


New marking in Górki Zachodnie

In the fall 2017 the marking of the fairway at the mouth of   Wisła Śmiała was thoroughly changed. This is  the entrance to the marinas in Górki Zachodnie in Gdańsk, with altogether 600 resident boats,  about 5 Nm east of the main entrance to the Gdańsk Harbour. Red and green buoys  have new positions now, there are more of them, they are all set in pairs, all of them  are lit, and they are bigger than the previously used "sticks".…